30 Years of Technology Excellence

We ensure that our clients are infrastructure-empowered and not infrastructure-restricted, so they can generate more than optimal productivity from their employees and systems in place. We provide end-to-end solutions for IoT, right from integration, device management, information security, data collection and its protocols and analytical tools.

Among the hardware that we use, but not limited to are Smartphones, Sensors, Beacons, Tablets, Smart Wearable Devices and other smart devices.


Our IoT solutions power various smart cities already functioning in the UAE and, to some extent, part of other GCC countries. They enable sustainable energy distribution, provide a sense of security for the community that lives there, decrease traffic congestion and optimizes overall infrastructure, mobility, public services, and utility services.

Some smart cities where our solutions can be experienced are Dubai Hills, Blue Waters and many more.



Telematics provides solutions that enable connected operations for human-machine interface, supervisory control and data acquisition and the industrial Internet of Things – solutions that provide our clients with timely insights that will propel growth in their business.


Our solutions keep our clients abreast of their business operations.  They are able to use IoT platforms with sensors and devices that monitor and measure operational efficiency and gather Big Data in real time, providing them insights on time.


Companies who managed to harness the power of digital information and technologies have more improved business performance.  Managers who are aware of the power of digital can transform their businesses and are ahead of the league.


Digital Transformation helps our clients perform smarter by leveraging digital innovations.  We look at specific areas of the business operations that require performance improvement.  We help them capture and use real time-data about customer experiences for smarter sales interactions;  monitor and track information about product, service and solutions for continuous improvement; share knowledge and information more effectively to act across functions and organization boundaries; apply deeper and more targeted analytics that enable better decision-making and deploy more efficient and agile processes and systems to react to rapid business change.



Automation is central for any digital transformation strategy.   It drives significant business outcomes and customer experience improvements while saving costs.  Telematics uses the right technology for each use case.


Our solutions empower our client’s business organizations to work faster, and smarter and they get time to focus on things that matter most.  We use artificial intelligence, robotics, business process software, big data and other IoT devices in our process automation solution, which in turn provide intelligent outcomes and great ROI for our clients.


Companies that are committed to making data-driven decisions use business analytics.  Our clients use Telematics’ statistical methods and technologies provided by Telematics for analyzing historical data to gain insights and improve their strategic business decision-making. We offer a comprehensive solution using machine learning and artificial intelligence to analyze data all stored in cloud, or  on premises or both and provide data visualization, reporting and scenario modeling making wiser predictions and better and faster decisions.


We teach them the three dominant interrelated types of analytics – Descriptive, Predictive and Prescriptive analytics on how to make the most out of the big data they have in hand, mainly because each of these analytic types offers a different insight.