Where Technologies Converge

Telematics works  in partnership with clients  to build a road-map for the future across a range of specialist areas.  Our services start from design, supply, installation, testing, commissioning to maintenance, providing clients with the convenience of having to deal with only one service provider.


Our game-changing solutions allow our clients to deliver high-quality services consistently and cost-effectively to their clients.  We guarantee a secure and prompt response regardless of a company’s size and IT maturity.  Whether retrofitting obsolete products, migrating from another platform or upgrading from an older version, our team of technical experts is extremely adept at assisting different businesses in realizing various types of enhancements.


Our top priority is customer satisfaction.  The trust that we enjoy today is a testament to Telematics reliability for 30 years and counting.


We have a support service that is provided 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.  This ensures that our clients’ operations are running without disruption and downtime.


Our quick response team is always ready for deployment either on-site or online to immediately trouble-shoot systems or repair or replace any failed mechanical component before it affects our clients’ core business processes.



Telematics provides a comprehensive annual maintenance service contracts to ensure that our clients’ critical networks (hardware & software) are always supported. These contracts range from traditional warranty support to maintenance during office hours and 24/7 critical support.


Our AMC Contract helps minimise our clients’ IT issues.  It mitigates losses by protecting data, tightening cyber-security, having no downtime and operational disruptions. Overall, our AMC helps our clients reduce their IT costs.


Telematics managed services allow our clients peace of mind.  We take responsibility for maintaining and keeping their IT systems abreast with the current trend to improve operations and cut down on costs.  We assign expert resources for each client, depending on the scope of the contract.  We either manage the system remotely and/or physically when required.

Our managed services keep our clients’ IT infrastructure efficient and reliable, and no downtime in operations.  It saves them the overhead expense of an entire in-house IT team as they only will have to spend a percentage of that amount.

Telematics managed services provide scalability and flexibility to grow in a manner that internal IT teams cannot provide.