30 Years of Technology Excellence

For over 30 years, Telematics has been driving integrated digital experience wherever people come together, with unparalleled expertise.  Our audio-visual integration and visualization of information provides people unified communication.

Our collaborative partnerships and innovative technology solutions power our digital transformation services.  Customer experience is at the heart of everything we do; the AV solutions that we provide are driven by measurable outcomes that ensure our clients’ success. We take a long term, collaborative approach to client engagement and set higher standards for delivering outstanding results.


Telematics award-winning, unique, ergonomic and reliable solutions AV solutions are from end-to-end.  From a simple meeting room, to a fully connected & automated facility, we help our clients succeed with technology anywhere that people come together.



Telematics offers integrated and modern AV solutions for auditoriums, amphitheatres, other performance spaces and conference halls and large venues from design to installation, testing to commissioning.  We use the latest technologies in the AV to create that impactful audio visual experience for the audience.   Our design is focuses on intelligible spoken word, coverage and high-powered music reproduction.  Our auditorium and theatre stage solutions deliver consistent high-performance sound, ideal for school assemblies, music performances, theatre productions, meetings, pep rallies and more.


Telematics’ high-quality public address and background music get all messages across, no matter what.  Our IP-connected and fully-featured solutions for every audio application deliver high-quality speech intelligibility and exceptional performance and reliability.


We have provided systems and components for major transportation terminals, houses of worship, public buildings, office buildings, schools and shopping malls.



Telematics offers a complete set of smart education solutions that help teachers extract new pieces of information and students enhance their learning experience.  The smart classroom solution allows students to interact with teachers using handheld smart terminals in classes giving a smart student-centric way of teaching built to enable interactive learning.


Specially designed to meet daily challenges, our cloud-based education solutions bring all-students and teachers together in a single classroom to gain knowledgeable insight at a time improving academic performance of the students.


Telematics video wall solutions are always the highest quality available in the market.  We use LCD, LED rear-projection and RGB laser rear-projection, in sizes and resolutions required by our clients.  Our dedicated software and a range of professional services make sure our clients get the most out of their video wall.  Typically, our solutions are applicable in control rooms, meeting rooms, digital signages and other demanding environments.


Our seamless video wall solutions make various formats of display possible, allowing our clients to generate effective attraction and communication.