Qasr Al Sarab Desert Resort by Anantara, Abu Dhabi

Situated in Abu Dhabi’s Liwa desert in the Rhub Al Khali (about 200km away from Abu Dhabi) – also known as the Empty Quarter – Qasr Al Sarab is surrounded by the largest expanse of uninterrupted sand desert in the world.  Built on a crescent-shaped dune, the resort has 154 guestrooms and 52 villas. The land area of Qasr Al Sarab alone is spans a colossal 78 million sqm.


The Challenge

Telematics was commissioned to install a number of ELV solutions at the property within a short time-frame of just nine months. In addition to the time constraint, a significant challenge was the massive area of the resort, the constant sand-flow, and the harsh weather conditions, which made both indoor and outdoor work taxing. A dedicated team had to be relocated to the desert venue to ensure the timely progress.


The Solution

Telematics provided a complete load of 17 ELV installations such as Access Control, CCTV, DNS, GRMS, ICT, IP Telephony ,UPS, Security etc. To meet the challenging on-site requirements, we assigned a dedicated technical team as well as seamless logistics support to transport the team 200km from the city to the desert-site.


About Telematics

Our expert ELV and ICT integration services include consulting, development, delivery, support and resourcing.  We deliver our solutions by partnering with top vendors in the industry.  We have extensive experience working in Hospitality, Healthcare, Enterprise and Government sectors.