ELV systems

Automation, Communication and Integration: These are the hallmarks of an Intelligent Building. Telematics undertakes the complete Design and Build of all ELV Systems.

ELV Systems Integration
Systems integration means you are combining the best third-party controls with unparalleled building automation systems. The result is a centralized and comprehensive building management. Our industry-leading solutions come from an unflagging dedication to providing open systems and seamless integration of fire/life safety, security, and other controls. We can help you integrate both existing and new building systems – economically and efficiently. Our customized solutions will simplify facility management and help you achieve control over your energy costs.

We take Building Management and Automation beyond the traditional boundaries by creating a Building Information Network which can integrate:
HVAC Systems
Life / Safety Systems
Lighting Solutions
CCTV and Access Control
Utility Monitoring
Power Management
Voice/Data/Video Systems
Audio Visual (including IPTV)
In-Building Wireless
Car Park Management

Internet Protocols and IT Standards
Today's Building Automation systems can no longer operate on proprietary 'closed' systems and should be IP based to provide Web services, XML, SOAP, SNMP, and DHCP as part of the Building Information Network.

Telematics Networking & Communications has a 22 year history of advocating for open standards versus proprietary protocols. From our foundations in the Data Communication era, Telematics has a wealth of experience in designing and implementing high performance, mission critical networks which are vital for today’s Smart Buildings.

We provide specialist sub-systems for Healthcare and Hospitality projects including:

Nurse Call Systems, Guard Tour Systems, Guest Screening Systems, Guest Room Management Systems