Our People

Telematics believes in involving team members in decision-making and improvement initiatives.  Management has, over the years, established team unity and shown clear direction for career growth and organizational development.  The corporate culture of the company is very positive and has resulted in higher levels of customer (internal and external) satisfaction.

Team members at all levels in Telematics are considered the essence of the company and their full involvement is encouraged through regular meetings and the corporate culture.  Team members are the human assets of the organization and are cared for and recognized for their contribution in achieving organizational excellence.

Our Success

Telematics' success has been built on team effort, combining the talents of many people to achieve a common goal to be the leading ICT/ELV Systems Integrator in the GCC Region. We believe in maintaining a diverse, high-quality workforce. Our people are our greatest assets and we help them achieve their goals by having a clearly defined strategy, effective employee engagement, upskilling managers in leadership and people skills.

We constantly strive to increase our intellectual capital by investing heavily in our staff.  Training, motivation and career development are crucial in our progress.

Quality Management Practices - Telematics is committed to perform defect-free quality work for all its customers and associates, hence the organization is professionally structured and focused to understand and conform to the requirements of our customers.  Telematics continually strives for excellence and this is further demonstrated by the implementation, in 2002,  of a Quality Management System (QMS) in accordance with international standards and best practices.

The adoption of a quality management policy highlights Telematics’ commitment to quality.  This commitment is further reflected in the performance of all team members according to the policies set out in the Quality Management System manual, as well as all other documents associated with the successful operation of the company.

Working in the GCC

The GCC (Gulf Cooperative Council) is the term used for the region encompassing the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Bahrain, Sultanate of Oman, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia – it is also often called the Arabian Gulf.

Telematics have offices in the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, KSA and Oman.  Consequently our teams have an understanding of and are able to work successfully in the diversified cultural arenas which comprise the different industry sectors in each of these countries.

Current Positions

Interested candidates may send their updated CV to: